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Iron is King – Video

The blacksmith is a son of a friend of my mother’s. Great How it is made video . I love the music in the background.

Andrew Crawford, a blacksmith in Atlanta, shows us how to make a sunflower in this episode of “Iron is King.”

Javascript Libraries

Nowhere near a complete list, but some good links to start seeing what is possible and available without re-creating the wheel:

ThickBox 3.1 built on top of JQUERY

Open,Commercial and Reseller Versions library Used by Some Big Folks:

Nice listing of useful scripts:

Two of my favorite sites that have been around for years :

Linked Server Example from Original Site

Older article/post on Linked Server functionality in SQL Server 200-2005 and 2K8.

I mostly  use the OpenQuery() select statments to get to MySQL and other platforms. Watch your security Model!

Group By and Case Statements or Other SQL Functions

One thing I forget to do often is to include the actual item I’m returning in the Select Statement in the Group By. Meaning , if I use a case statement of some function to change the value that I’m returning, then I should include that and not the base column name in the Group By part of the select statement

If you write something like this and the Col2 has multiple 'Unique' Values
then you will get a row for each value distinct Col2 value that says 'Other'
,Case When [Col2] = 10 then 'Ten'
Else 'Other' End as [LameExample]
,Count(*) as CNT
FROM [dbo].[lameTableExample]
GROUP BY [Col1], [Col2]

-- This Example will return Only two rows

,Case When [Col2] = 10 then 'Ten'
Else 'Other' End as [LameExample]
,Count(*) as CNT
FROM [dbo].[lameTableExample]
, Case When [Col2] = 10 then 'Ten'
Else 'Other' End

Select Case has a simple overview of using CASE in a SQL Query with the SUM() function.

Improv Everywhere Mobile Desktop Computers

Improv Everywhere causes scenes of chaos and joy in public places. Created in August of 2001 by Charlie Todd, Improv Everywhere has executed over 70 missions involving thousands of undercover agents. The group is based in New York City

WordPress – Adsense Plugins Review

Looking for Adsense plugins and a how-to :

I found these links thought I would share them you:

Rating of 10 Plugins :

Edit the simple.php file :

Google Search Used – Has some good automation:

Google Search

For Each … SQL System Stored Procedures

Sql server has some great built-in commands procs that can help you script server or database wide commands. sp_MSForEachTable and Sp_MSForEachDb

When first looking at a database , I sometimes like to run the following:
execute sp_MSforEachTable @command1=‘Print ”?”; Select Count(*) as [? – (count)] from ?;Select Top 10 * from ? ‘

I used the sp_MSforeachDB just the other day to set all the non-system
databases on a test server to Simple Recovery mode.Just made a quick stored procedure that I passed the ? value and filter out the system databases ( Master, Model, Tempdb and MSDB).

For More Information Checkout :

November 30, 2004
SQL Server Undocumented Stored Procedures sp_MSforeachtable and sp_MSforeachdb
By Gregory A. Larsen

Got To Get a Plug-in for Adsense

Shameless adsense Search box..


Link to Old Articles and Scripts is still available and has the old links to javascript s, T-SQL scripts, etc.

Jack of All Trades – Yeah Right.

I’ve had a static web page up for the several years stating to check back soon for updates.  They have been around for so long that I even have a top search spot on ‘T-SQL Cursors’

Keep checking back. I’ll post somemore ‘Top’ ranking seraches. No code like bad code.