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Adobe AIR Makes Its Way to Linux

Adobe announced today that the pre-release alpha version of AIR for Linux is available immediately on the Adobe Labs site. Adobe shipped the 1.0 version of AIR for Windows and Mac last month but was forced to delay the Linux release.

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Instructables – Firefox Pranks

Read the Firefox Pranks! instructable by clicking here.

Using add-ons in Firefox to enhance your experience is boring. For April Fools’ Day, lets make the experience a little more bizarre.

Since these add-ons were meant to be installed on a victim’s computer you’ll only need two things:

– a victim who uses Firefox as his or her regular browser
– access to the victim’s computer
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T-SQL Create a View for Report Date Ranges by Month

The below example gives prior and current month first and last day values.The code below dynamically formats the date to give you date range values for reporting:

[LFM-FirstDay] – First Day of thePrior Month or Last Full Month First Day,
[LFM-LastDay] – 11:59 PM of the last day of the prior month,
[CM-FirstDay] – Current Month First Day and
[CM-LastDay] – 11:59 PM of the last day of the Current month.

USE [dbofchoice]
CREATE VIEW [DBO].[ReportDates]
DATEADD(month, -1 ,DATEADD(month, DATEDIFF(month, 0, GETDATE()), 0))
as [LFM-FirstDay]
,DATEADD(s,-1,DATEADD(mm, DATEDIFF(m,0,getdate()),0))
as [LFM-LastDay]
,DATEADD(mm, DATEDIFF(m,0,getdate()),0)
as [CM-FirstDay]
,DATEADD(s,-1,DATEADD(mm, DATEDIFF(m,0,getdate())+1,0))
as [CM-LastDay]

C# – Calculating Distance between Zipcodes

Calculating the distance between ZIP codes has become a common feature in search engines. For instance, if you’re searching for restaurants, a Web site will often allow you to enter a ZIP code and display all of the restaurants within X miles of that ZIP code. Here is one way application developers to implement a ZIP code distance calculator using the .NET Framework and C#.

This article uses a derivation of the Haversine formula to calculate the distance between ZIP codes. The Haversine formula is used to determine the distance between two points on a sphere – in this case the earth. While this isn’t 100 percent accurate due to the earth not being a perfect sphere, it is probably as close as you’re going to get without getting out the tape measure!

Author: Zach Smith
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Formula for techrepublic for Zipcode calculation of distances

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How to Make Simple Computer Games

From  Pretty good little posting on using a free download IDE to make a video game.  Find the post here.

Download the program from the same location or Here.

UPDATE: – Second Posting by author Here.

Huge List of Free WordPress Templates Sites

If you are looking for a new wordpress template for you website, this might be the place to start. Huge list of 94 websites where you can find the perfect theme that will fit your needs!

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Designing Website

Peteris Krumins walks you through a tutorial for the building of a plain text version of using Python. Great step-by step and how-to!

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Video – Talking Dogs

This has floated around in emails for awhile. I always really liked. The Video ha sfound a home at :

Sweet Home Comrade!

Original Post found at

Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir – SWEET HOME ALABAMA [In English]:

SQl Server 2005 Reporting Services – Charts

Found this link that give a deep-dive into fomat and functionality of charts in SSRS 2005.  Adds a lot to making charts meaniningful and jumps to details.

TechNet Article: