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T-SQL: Alternatives to Using Cursors

[UPDATE] has a great article( from 2002) on the use of Temp Tables. You may find the information useful.

I have gotten a ton of hits some links that I created years ago on T-SQL Cursors. Sometimes they are the the best course of action , but may times they are not the most efficient. This posting has some a possible alternative.

Creating Tables with Identity Columns
I like to create tables and temp tables with identity columns. You can then do row by row process the data using the id column. In another post, I will show you how to create and some uses for Table-Valued functions to provide similar utility found with using cursors. Oh, don’t forget our friend the Case Statement, either.

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It’s Not (just) the Clothes that You Wear, but Where You Make Them

Tony Stark in His Lab: Photo by Zade Rosenthal / Paramount Pictures
 Popsi has a neat article on Tony Stark’s Lab.