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Jeff’s SQL Server Blog – Proper Case UDF

Using My Favorite Tech Service –http://www.Google.Com.

I Found this Posting for a Proper case T-Sql User Defined Function on Jeff’s SQL Server Blog — Go to the post as it has an port to MySQL and a couple of other ‘ADVANCED’ examples in the comments.

From the original Blog :

I posted this one a long time ago and needed to use it today, so I thought I’d post it up here as well in case anyone finds it useful.  This simply attempts to capitalize the first letter of each word for the string passed in.  Use it to help clean up some pre-existing data, but don’t use it as a way of presenting your data that is stored improperly since it isn’t exact.�
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45+ New jQuery Techniques For Good User Experience

Here are over 45 impressive jQuery plug-ins and techniques. Smashing! This has really become an addictive toolset for the Webmaster at work. It alows for formating and utilities that would take months to create. Just drop in a few keywords and BAM!

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C# – Calculating Distance between Zipcodes

Calculating the distance between ZIP codes has become a common feature in search engines. For instance, if you’re searching for restaurants, a Web site will often allow you to enter a ZIP code and display all of the restaurants within X miles of that ZIP code. Here is one way application developers to implement a ZIP code distance calculator using the .NET Framework and C#.

This article uses a derivation of the Haversine formula to calculate the distance between ZIP codes. The Haversine formula is used to determine the distance between two points on a sphere – in this case the earth. While this isn’t 100 percent accurate due to the earth not being a perfect sphere, it is probably as close as you’re going to get without getting out the tape measure!

Author: Zach Smith
Find TechRepublic Article Here.

Formula for techrepublic for Zipcode calculation of distances

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DotNetNuke – Custom Message for Search Page Without Results

Check out www.allaboutduncan.com for custom message return for DNN when the search yields no results. You could extend this to add other DIV tags based off results.

Javascript Libraries

Nowhere near a complete list, but some good links to start seeing what is possible and available without re-creating the wheel:

ThickBox 3.1 built on top of JQUERY

Open,Commercial and Reseller Versions library Used by Some Big Folks:

Nice listing of useful scripts:

Two of my favorite sites that have been around for years :