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T-SQL: Adding Leading Zeros with a Simple Scalar Function

We were creating a extract at work from T-SQL and new that the we would need to export data with leading zeros. The data was not stored in the database with those leading zero values. The solution, create a simple scalar function to dynamically add the zeros that could accept two parameters ( text , and total length).

The Function is rather simple takes the total length value passed by the user and then subtracts the Length of the the text value.

What would make this better?

  • Would have a default value for total length
  • Error checking to make sure the text supplied is not longer than the total length

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The Shack – Worth Reading

To borrow and paraphrase from the book, “It’s Complex in it’s simplicity”.  Excellent story of God, The Son and Holy Ghost as reveled to a tired and burdened father. It’s remarkable how the story is told. Regardless of  faith or belief , it’s worth reading.

Here is a sample: Read the Forward

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The Next Giant Leap For Mankind

Nasa and Mars from 60 Minutes

NASA is serious, very serious, about launching the most difficult mission ever attempted by the human race – putting an astronaut on Mars. The voyage will cover hundreds of millions of miles and take two-and-a-half years roundtrip. It sounds like science fiction.

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Instructables – Made a Post

The kids and I started a garden this year. Going all in we needed to start some seeds.. So we teamed up and built this Grow light. It’s all fired up for our ‘non-herb’ plants. Please kids use your powers for good!

I present to you …Tah-duh.. Bamboo Grow Light 3000 ( patent pending dealer has no incentives to retain..)

From Code Project : .NET and SMS Messages

The Author PooranPrasad has compiles a concise article on setting up SMS messaging for applications.

Full article Here.

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