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45+ New jQuery Techniques For Good User Experience

Here are over 45 impressive jQuery plug-ins and techniques. Smashing! This has really become an addictive toolset for the Webmaster at work. It alows for formating and utilities that would take months to create. Just drop in a few keywords and BAM!

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Javascript Libraries

Nowhere near a complete list, but some good links to start seeing what is possible and available without re-creating the wheel:

ThickBox 3.1 built on top of JQUERY

Open,Commercial and Reseller Versions library Used by Some Big Folks:

Nice listing of useful scripts:

Two of my favorite sites that have been around for years :


Link to Old Articles and Scripts

https://jackdonnell.com/articles/index.htm is still available and has the old links to javascript s, T-SQL scripts, etc.

Jack of All Trades – Yeah Right.

I’ve had a static web page up for the several years stating to check back soon for updates.  They have been around for so long that I even have a top search spot on ‘T-SQL Cursors’

Keep checking back. I’ll post somemore ‘Top’ ranking seraches. No code like bad code.