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Donate to the Red Cross(Updated)

The American Red Cross

Help Out.  Additional ways to support American Red Cross efforts can be found here:

American Red Cross Social Media


UPDATE EMAIL : Click Here!

Video – Talking Dogs

This has floated around in emails for awhile. I always really liked. The Video ha sfound a home at :

Sweet Home Comrade!

Original Post found at

Leningrad Cowboys & Red Army Choir – SWEET HOME ALABAMA [In English]:

Watch Streaming TV Online for Free! (HBO, ESPN, ABC, etc.)

This is a completely free, user driven site. According to them it’s legal. but you decide…

[OLDER LINK, but still functional – Jack 3-21-2008]

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SQL Server How-to’s on Video (YouTube)

Some not so bad How-to’s on You-tube for SQl Server. Some pretty advanced topics like SS with EMC best practices.

Take a Look:

Checkout Related and others Video Here.

Red State Update from AthensSouth

Might remember these guys from the Yahoo debates.  Worth a look!