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Adobe AIR Makes Its Way to Linux

Adobe announced today that the pre-release alpha version of AIR for Linux is available immediately on the Adobe Labs site. Adobe shipped the 1.0 version of AIR for Windows and Mac last month but was forced to delay the Linux release.

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Instructables – Firefox Pranks

Read the Firefox Pranks! instructable by clicking here.

Using add-ons in Firefox to enhance your experience is boring. For April Fools’ Day, lets make the experience a little more bizarre.

Since these add-ons were meant to be installed on a victim’s computer you’ll only need two things:

– a victim who uses Firefox as his or her regular browser
– access to the victim’s computer
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Huge List of Free WordPress Templates Sites

If you are looking for a new wordpress template for you website, this might be the place to start. Huge list of 94 websites where you can find the perfect theme that will fit your needs!

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Designing Website

Peteris Krumins walks you through a tutorial for the building of a plain text version of using Python. Great step-by step and how-to!

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24 Great Niche Web Design Galleries

CSS galleries can be a great source of inspiration, but if you
’re looking for something in particular they can be a bit of a nightmare. Since niche galleries have a tighter focus it allows them to be more detailed. Below you’ll find a list of niche galleries, that focus on things from color schemes, to layout, and specific content types.

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DotNetNuke – Custom Message for Search Page Without Results

Check out for custom message return for DNN when the search yields no results. You could extend this to add other DIV tags based off results.

Javascript Libraries

Nowhere near a complete list, but some good links to start seeing what is possible and available without re-creating the wheel:

ThickBox 3.1 built on top of JQUERY

Open,Commercial and Reseller Versions library Used by Some Big Folks:

Nice listing of useful scripts:

Two of my favorite sites that have been around for years :

WordPress – Adsense Plugins Review

Looking for Adsense plugins and a how-to :

I found these links thought I would share them you:

Rating of 10 Plugins :

Edit the simple.php file :

Google Search Used – Has some good automation:

Google Search

Link to Old Articles and Scripts is still available and has the old links to javascript s, T-SQL scripts, etc.