Instructables – Firefox Pranks

Read the Firefox Pranks! instructable by clicking here.

Using add-ons in Firefox to enhance your experience is boring. For April Fools’ Day, lets make the experience a little more bizarre.

Since these add-ons were meant to be installed on a victim’s computer you’ll only need two things:

– a victim who uses Firefox as his or her regular browser
– access to the victim’s computer

To keep it simple, here are the links to all of the add-ons for your one-stop shopping pleasure. Each step will explain what each of these does.

If you want to hit your victim with everything, you can go for the Total Confusion Combo Pack. The combo pack is set to only work on April 1st, so you can install it now, and nothing will happen until then. Also, throughout the day, the pranks become more and more frequent!

– Two Steps Back
– Rick Rollr
– The Devil’s Inbox
– Highs and Lows
– Sarcasm Enhancer
– What Did You Say?
– For real
– Watch it
– Dsmvwlr
– Total Confusion Combo Pack!

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