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The Author PooranPrasad has compiles a concise article on setting up SMS messaging for applications.

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When do you want to send SMS via applications? There could be plethora of use cases for this. The simplest one is to validate a mobile number, and some of the complicated ones could involve sending an SMS after a huge workflow is complete or gone wrong. Let’s find out ways to send SMS using C#/VB.NET.

Sending SMS
What are the ways in which one can send SMS?

Using a GSM modem:
Better when one wants to implement offline applications and a very small number of SMS go every minute, usually few 10s.

Using web service:
Better when it is an online application and a very few number of SMS go every minute, usually few 10s.

Using endpoints given by service the provider:
Better when the number of SMS exceeds a few 100s per minute. Service provider demands a commitment of at least 100,000 SMS per month.

Sending SMS via a webservice or endpoints is simplest. In contrast, sending SMS via GSM modem has a few additional steps to take care of. Let’s understand each in detail.

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