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Michael Davis has published this article and RDL files
on SQLServerCentral.com.  Just happened to read the email, today.

SSRS is a powerful tool, but the ReportServer tool lacks some administrative reporting.  Micahel Dais has done a great job filling in that gap!

Super Easy to deploy and gives the end user a better glimpse
into what’s happening on their SSRS installation. While it is
written for a SQL 2005 , some posters announced they had no
problems working against SQL 2008 installations.

Thanks Michael!


Excerpt from posting – Remember to Download the Zip File !

Report Server Diagnostic Reports
By Michael Davis, 2010/02/04

As the individual responsible for managing the usage, content,
permissions and overall health of my company’s enterprise reporting
(using SSRS), I found it difficult to proactively stay on top of
every facet of my job. Often I would get questions regarding a
report that produced an error, how often an item was being used
(and by whom), what subscriptions were running and who had
permissions to various objects. Each of these questions had
an answer, but it would usually take anywhere between a couple
minutes to a few hours to solidly respond. After one such
incident I decided to delve into the ReportServer database
and create my own diagnostic reports to assist me in the future.
I’ve found that the time spend was well worth the investment.
This article is aimed at providing you the reports I created as
well as giving a demonstration of their features. Enjoy!!!

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